Demonstration in Palembang, 183 People Arrested for Contents of WA Group

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A total of 183 youth and youth were secured Police in a demonstration against the Omnibus Law Work Creation Act in front of the DPRD Building South Sumatra, Wednesday (7/10).

Hundreds of people who were arrested were suspected of infiltrating thousands of students who were members of the South Sumatra Student and Youth Alliance for the People (Ampera).

Kapolrestabes Palembang, Senior Commissioner Anom Setyadji said based on a temporary investigation, the young men who were arrested intended to riot. This is known from checking the cellphones of the young men who were arrested. There was a provoking mass rally to make the action chaotic.

His party admits that they are still investigating the mastermind behind the mobilization of young people who intend to vandalize. From this arrest, the police confiscated evidence of sharp weapons, belts equipped with sharp weapons, and Molotov cocktails.

“From the cyber team, we also patrol. There is a WhatsApp group on the cellphones of the people we arrested containing calls for that,” he said.

Based on monitoring, students only conveyed their demands in the free forum action.

Several times the police officers were seen arresting youths who were in the middle of the mass action that were suspected of being intruders. Police officers also carried out sweeping since morning around the location of the action to prevent the rioters from entering the mass of the action.

“Now these people have been secured at the Palembang Police Headquarters, will be processed according to the law. On average, those arrested are students, but we are still investigating again,” said Anom after the action.

The Media Coordinator of the South Sumatra BEM Alliance, Janes Putra, said that his party had not yet received any information about the 183 students who were arrested by the police officer. His party is still waiting for further information if there are students who are also arrested.

“From the information we got, most STM children were arrested. Currently, our data has not confirmed the arrested students,” said Janes.

Meanwhile, Ampera Sumsel Public Relations Bagas Pratama emphasized that his party is committed to peaceful action in holding a free forum. His party did not want the incident on September 24, 2019 when a demonstration against the RKUHP Bill would result in clashes occurring again.

“We make sure, prove our alliance is not easily provoked. Those who were arrested were not part of us,” he said.

He explained that Ampera Sumsel had four demands in the free forum. The first is to state a vote of no confidence against members of the DPR who passed the Ciptaker Law. Then urged President Joko Widodo to issue a replacement law (perppu) to cancel the Ciptaker Law.

“If the president does not issue the Perppu, you will guard it judicial review to the Constitutional Court. We will also support and coordinate the national strike as a form of expression of disappointment over policies that have harmed the people to the government and the Indonesian Parliament, “he said.

His party will also coordinate with labor elements to hold a follow-up action on Thursday (8/10) tomorrow.

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