Democrats and Republicans immediately clash on first day of …

The hearing on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as judge at the US Supreme Court has already set off fireworks for the first time on Monday. The Democrats made it clear that they felt it was irresponsible and shameful that they should meet in the Senate. The Republicans had nothing but praise for Barrett.

The US Senators have four days to decide whether conservative Amy Coney Barrett can take the vacant seat at the Supreme Court after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If the first day made anything clear, it is that the judge nominated by Donald Trump painfully exposes the differences between Democrats and Republicans. Both parties are again perpendicular to each other.

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Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina and chairman of the committee, made it clear from the outset that the discussions that would follow are actually irrelevant. For example, he welcomed everyone to the hearing to confirm Barrett, not the hearing to discuss her nomination. “This is not about convincing each other unless something dramatic happens,” he said. “All Republicans will vote yes and all Democrats will vote no.” In that case, the Republicans, who are in the majority, get their chance.

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Counter gas

And so the Democrats resisted as hard as they could. Senator Patrick Leahy, for example, called it “disgraceful” how the Republicans “were already discussing who would succeed her an hour after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” “This is going to have disastrous consequences for the US.”

To the Democrats, Barrett’s nomination by President Trump is nothing more or less than an attempt by him to prolong his power over the US. Their biggest fear is that Barrett will immediately destroy Obamacare, leaving Americans with no free health care. The Republicans countered any attack by saying that Barrett is tremendous experience and “of exceptional excellence.”


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Joe Biden’s Democratic running mate, Kamala Harris, also made a solid start in the Senate. She found it irresponsible that the Republicans are now trying to push Barrett’s appointment ahead of the presidential elections, while the corona virus is gaining momentum in the US.

“This hearing has gathered more than 50 people in a closed space as our country fights a deadly airborne virus,” Harris said during her opening address. “This hearing should have been postponed. It is reckless and puts many people at risk. ”

Experience emphasized

When she got the floor herself, Barrett first thanked her family. What followed was an overview of her career so far, a eulogy to her predecessors, and a pledge to follow the law in her decisions and not act out of her own preferences or ideas. Her husband and six of her seven children sat behind her and watched as she recounted anecdotes about each of them.

She also thanked President Trump – not by name – and all the people who prayed for her. “I believe in the power of prayer,” she added.


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