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Cnn And New York Times announced last night that Kelly’s lead in the count is now so great that the Senate election has been decided in the state.

Kelly beat the Republican nominee, Blake Masters, by a wide margin. Masters had strong campaign support from former President Donald Trump.

The count in Arizona took a long time and prompted several pushbacks from Republican voters. Not all mail-in votes have been counted so far, but Kelly’s lead has increased as the count progresses.

Kelly is more than 5 percentage points above Masters. Saturday morning Norwegian time, the number is 51.8% for Kelly and 46.1% for Masters.

It must be more than the Masters can handle.

He won’t accept the loss

The Maestro announced on Thursday that he would contest the election result in the legal system if he lost, write BBC.

In an email to support players, he wrote that he saw “creepy” things during the count and asked for cash contributions.

Three days before the elections, several hundred thousand postal votes are still being counted. All ballots are first counted by the machine. They are then counted manually, under the control of at least one observer on each side. Takes time.

Former astronaut

Kelly is a former astronaut who has been to space four times.

He is married to former Congressman Gabby Giffords, who survived an assassination attempt in 2011. She was then life threateningly injured she was hit on the head by a man with a semi-automatic weapon during the election campaign in his hometown of Tucson. Six people were killed.

ATTACK VICTIMS: Mark Kelly with wife Gabby Giffords on Election Day in Tuscon, Arizona.

Photo: Kevin Dietsch/AFP

Kelly was first elected to the Senate in a special election to fill the seat vacated by Republican Senator John McCain in 2020.

During the electoral campaign Kelly defended the right of women to have an abortion. Together with her wife Gabby, she leads an organization that campaigns for stricter gun laws in the United States.

Democrat Mark Kelly during the 2022 Senate midterm elections in Arizona.

VALENTINE’S NIGHT: Mark Kelly welcomed his supporters on election night in his home state of Arizona.

Photo: Alberto Mariani / AP

A place from the plural

Democrats and Republicans have now secured 49 Senate seats each. There are two seats that have not yet been decided, from the states of Nevada and Georgia.

Republicans need 51 seats to have a majority in the Senate. Democrats have a majority if they get one more seat. With 50 seats, they can secure a majority by using the extra vote for vice president.

In Nevada, Democrat Catherine Masto faces her Republican rival, Adam Laxhalt, who is still in power. You also say that a large number of postal votes are counted. Typically, there is a Democratic majority in postal votes in the United States.

In Georgia, none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote, so the runoff will be held on December 6.

Kate Hobbs

GOVERNOR: Katie Hobbs is the favorite to become the next governor of Arizona.

Photo: JIM URQUHART/Reuters

Democratic gubernatorial candidate leader

When it comes to the gubernatorial election in Arizona, Democrat Katie Hobbs increased her lead over Republican Kari Lake last night. In Maricopa County, which is the most populous in the state, Hobbes now has 667,000 votes, while Lake has 607,000.

According to Cnn it’s still mathematically possible for Lake to win, but the chances are dwindling. She still says there are a lot of mail-in ballots in the state.

Kari Lake has distinguished herself by advocating several conspiracy theories and allegations of vote rigging in relation to the 2020 presidential election. She has also presented unsubstantiated allegations that the Arizona election this year was rigged.

The fraud allegations have been refuted by Maricopa Board of Elections chief Bill Gates multiple times during the count.

New debtors for cheating

The Republican Party National Committee walked out on Friday night with new debt. On Twitter write to them that “Arizona deserves better”:

– The election in Maricopa revealed profound errors in the management of the elections. We want a transparent, safe and efficient counting of votes and, above all, an accurate and immediate announcement of election results that can be accepted by all voters, they write.

For Cnn says Gates that the debts of the top Republican Party have no basis in reality.

– Let the count continue. Finally, if they have something to complain about, they can take the matter to court. They have every right to and we will accept that it happens, Gates said.

The final result in Arizona is not expected to be completed until Monday.

Kari Lake supporters argued for voter fraud during the Arizona midterm elections

ALLEGED Electoral Cheating: Kari Lake’s supporters have claimed there is widespread electoral cheating by Democrats in the election. This photo is from the Kari Lake guardrail in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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