Demo ticker Dresden: Police initiate numerous investigations

Around 1,000 participants gathered on Saturday for a demonstration by the right-wing scene. Hundreds of demonstrators opposed them. “A clash between the two camps could be prevented,” said police chief Lutz Rodig. A total of around 1,900 police officers were on duty.

The preliminary balance of the police: Investigations were initiated against four participants in the right-hand elevator because of the use of license plates of unconstitutional organizations. Two other participants have to answer for violations of the assembly law.

In connection with an attempt to break through a police cordon, the police are investigating, among other things, against an 18-year-old man for breach of the peace. A police officer was pelted with a stone but was not injured. The 18-year-old suspect was arrested. A further eight people from the counter-protest are being investigated for violations of the assembly law. In addition, a 23-year-old was reported for insult and a 15-year-old youth for resisting the police.

Read more:  The news release at 12:00 today, February 3, 2020. News. First channel

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