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Dembele has been tempted by another club’s big offer?


Barcelona indeed handed over a new contract to Ousmane Dembele. However, Los Cules feel that what is offered is not as big as other clubs.

Dembele’s future is still a matter of speculation because until now there is no sign that his stay at Camp Nou will be extended. He had less than two months left on his contract.

Meanwhile, Barcelona actually wants to keep Dembele because they are satisfied with the player’s performance in the second half of the season. Dembele is so in tune with Xavi Hernandez’s playing style as a coach.

He became an assist machine for his colleagues on the front lines. The problem now is that Barcelona is in a financial crisis and cannot provide a big salary for Dembele.

Dembele, who currently earns 250,000 euros per week, must be cut, at least by half, to continue as a Barcelona player. This made contract talks stalled last December.

Regarding Dembele’s current situation, Joan Laporta as the president of Barcelona ensured that his party had provided the latest offer. The problem is that Laporta is not so sure Dembele will accept it.

Laporta claims, Dembele seems to have received a bigger contract offer than other European clubs. Some of the clubs that are after him are Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich.

“He wants to stay, but he has been tempted by a bigger offer than the one we gave him,” Laporta said as quoted by ESPN.

“He has had our offer and he will respond when the season finishes next week. We want this issue to be resolved now, but we cannot force him to decide,” he continued,

“Xavi likes him, so do I. The player has a good relationship with the others, his friend (Aubameyang) came, but his agent also has his own will and we are waiting for a decision.”

Ousmane DembeleSo do you want to stay or not at Barcelona? If Dembele is still undecided, then not the loyal detikSport readers who like European football.

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