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The man is said to have had symptoms of covid-19 for one to two weeks without consulting a doctor. Only after he died was a test performed to confirm that he was infected, write the newspaper Hadeland.

During the pandemic, coronation tests are performed on all unexpected deaths.

The fact that the man must have had symptoms without consulting a doctor means that he is probably the source of the wild infection. This has made infection detection very demanding, says municipal chief physician Are Løken in Gran to NRK.

Løken thinks they are facing an environment that is corona deniers, and who thinks the pandemic is something that has been seen in the work of the government. He does not think the environment is that big, but fears it could be a matter of many close contacts.

– Usually we are in dialogue with people who are infected, and we get full and correct information. Here we have met resistance. We do not receive complete information, and from time to time we have received incorrect information, he says.

Ask people to test themselves

Løken says they are particularly worried that it may have our event with several people present, and that the infection may have spread there.

– We think it has one or two events, but it is not confirmed, with up to 20 participants. We have not had contact with everyone who has been there, there is hardly anyone who will confirm that they have been to such a meeting, it is forbidden.

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Gran municipality thinks it can also have our visitors from other places in Australia present as well. They have therefore issued an invitation the websites of the municipality, where they ask people to test themselves.

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