Demand for the fourth dose against covid grows among teachers in Vigo and its area

Teachers, from Infant to Secondary, were one of the priority groups in the vaccination campaign against covid, because they are part of the workers with an “essential function for the community”, along with members of the Security Forces and Bodies , Emergencies and Armed Forces. They had to get vaccinated in February 2021, just after nursing homes, health and social health personnel, large dependents and those over 80 years of age, an age group that was vaccinated in parallel with teachers.

In recent weeks, interest has been awakening in reinforcing immunity among teachers in the health area under 60 years of age and numerous self-appointments are being made to receive the second booster dose or fourth dose against covid at the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo.

Sergas opened in the second half of December the possibility of requesting the fourth dose of the vaccine for children under 60 years of age. To date, this injection has already been given to more than 14,100 people in the Vigo health area in the 12 to 60-year-old group.

The Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital is noticing an increase in demand in recent days. An official spokesperson assured that participation is increasing. Two weeks ago, the Cunqueiro vaccination device injected an average of 120 daily doses, a figure that tripled this week: on Tuesday they reached 428 candidates and on Wednesday there were 300.

The Vigo health area recalls that there are three ways to access vaccination. In the first place, the self-appointment is still open for the population of all ages who want to take the dose that is their turn and has not been given in their day.

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It is also possible to go spontaneously, they are vaccinated but it is possible that they have to queue because they click on those who have an appointment beforehand.

Thirdly, Sergas is calling people over 60 years of age who did not attend the appointment for various reasons (resignation, travel, illness) and offering them another opportunity for the fourth dose. Of this last group, they are calling one hundred people a day and for now 30% of those summoned come. “It’s an organizational effort, but if they come, even 30% is important to us.”

At the Cunqueiro vaccination post, they also note that the participation of minors who come with their family to get the third dose is increasing.

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