Delve into 5 ways to treat melasma by ‘Dr. Benz-Dr. Nattaphat Minchainan’

“translucent” It is a common skin problem. Regardless of age, there is a chance to encounter this problem. Today, HELLO! Beauty and Health would like to bring a specialist in laser and melasma, ‘Dr. Benz – Dr. Natthapat Meenchainan, M.D.’ (Dr. Natthapat Minchaiynunt) of Alpha Medical Clinic Let’s sit and talk in depth about the root cause of blemish problems, types of blemishes, and how to treat all types of blemishes.

What causes melasma? How to classify?

Caused by the abnormality of the pigment that produces too much pigment. It looks like brown or gray-brown bands on the face. Sizes range from 0.5 cm. – 10 cm. The main factors that cause blemishes are sunlight, genetics, hormones and irritation.

Blemishes are divided into 2 types: deep ceiling in the dermis layer and shallow ceiling in the epidermis The melasma is a lesion that when it happened cannot be cured Have a chance to come back again But can make it fade until invisible to the naked eye and prevent rebirth.

Dr. Benz is the first physician in Thailand to receive three branches of the American Board in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, and Laser Surgery. ) has divided methods for treating blemishes into 5 methods as follows:

Dr. Benz – Dr. Nattapat Minchainan, M.D.

1. Topical treatment

The most common and very popular tyrosinase inhibitor in Thailand is Hydroquinone (bleach), which is often mixed with other substances or products.

Hydroquinone is a highly effective drug. See results quickly in treating blemishes. but the risk is high As a side effect of Hydroquinone can cause permanent melasma (Ochronosis), it should only be used to treat superficial melasma. under the supervision of a strict physician

And currently, the US Food and Drug Administration, Europe and Japan have canceled products that contain Hydroquinone as an ingredient, which Alpha Medical Clinic has used other topical substitutes such as Koji and Arbutin that can effectively reduce melasma. and have fewer side effects

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2. Oral treatment

The main drugs used to treat melasma are:

(1) grape seed extract (Grape Seed  Extract  –  GSE) rich Proanthocyanidin That inhibits the formation of melanin better than taking vitamin C.

(2) Transamine Highly effective in treating melasma for Asian skin. Even when used orally in doses lower than 500 mg/day, only 8-12 weeks can see real results. However, caution should be exercised for contraindications and risk factors before initiating treatment.

(3) NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) that inhibits melanin and increases glutathione levels in the bloodstream

3. Injection therapy

An injection that effectively manages deep melasma, there are 2 main ones:

(1) Tranexamic Acid It is a drug that has a mechanism to inhibit melanin. see results quickly But the disadvantage is that the melasma has a chance to reappear in the same area that has already been treated.

(2) Glutathione injection (GSH) Intravenous Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. Can inhibit the function of Tyrosinase, reduce the intensity of skin color. But it was reported that The intravenous use of GSH can have serious effects on the person receiving it. There will be a chance to risk death from losing. including severe skin and mucous membrane disorders (Steven-Johnson Syndrome) should therefore be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

4. Laser treatment

Picosecond Laser is currently ranked as the No. 1 laser in eliminating melasma, melasma and freckles. It can treat deep melasmas faster and safer than applying and taking medication.

Pico Laser is a technology that emits highly selective light energy. down under the skin In a very short time, only 1 part millionth of a second, with high energy and speed, photoacoustic causing the pigment to be hit until it breaks down, making it easy for the body to remove

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Each model of Pico Laser has different performance. according to the specification of the machine The machine to get rid of pigmentation and blemishes well should be a fast and powerful machine, which Alpha Medical Clinic has the world’s top Pico Laser machine that has passed the FDA. United States in all modes of treatment up to 2 machines, namely

(1) Discovery Pico Laser (1.8GW) Which is a very popular one during the year 2021-2022, with Dr. Benz, MD. Natthaphat Meenchainan, the first doctor in Thailand who was invited to make a case card to share the technique of treating blemishes with Discovery Pico Laser. Doctors around the world continue to study

(2) StarWalker PQX – pico laser The latest in Thailand, which will be a game changer of 2023 because it is an outstanding Pico Laser in treating blemishes, freckles, dark spots, redness, tattoos because it is the highest energy and fastest model in the world. Causing the pigment to be broken down into powder by Alpha Medical Clinic is the only one in Thailand that has the Pico StarWalker PQX.

In addition to Pico Laser, we can use a yellow light laser with a wavelength of 577 – 595 nm to reduce VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), which is one of the causes of melasma. Including the use of Short Pulse Laser, which is a new innovation used by foreign doctors to destroy melanin These lasers inhibit melanin production and reduce melanin activation.

5. Skin peeling treatment

Peeling or skin peeling (Peeling) is a treatment that has been successful for over 500 years. and get longer lasting results It is commonly used in the Middle East and the United States.

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Currently, Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA) are being used as the main ingredient to remove dead cells from the upper skin layer to increase Fibroblasts to destroy new melanin regularly. Help heal scars, make skin smooth. and helps reduce wrinkles

Skin exfoliation accelerates the elimination of melanin production, but does not stimulate melanin production. main ingredients In peeling the skin as a group of Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, TCA, including Whitening Peel with Arbutin, after which the recurrence should be prevented. Or prevent the formation of melanin with sunscreen containing Titanium Dioxide 20% or more.

The drug used to shed skin cells. including duration must depend on the method of treating physician And varies according to the skin condition of each person. Good treatment. A combination therapy that inhibits melanin production and melanosome transfer should be combined with accelerated melanin elimination.

Applying sunscreen with PA++++, SPF 50+, Moisturizer And using protective equipment such as hats and sunglasses is a way to prevent the mechanism of dark spots. And in order to prevent melasma from reappearing, HELLO! Beauty & Health has prepared a short list. Come for all beauty disciples to choose to shop as well

Finally, Dr. Benz concluded that translucent It cannot be cured by any method and end effective melasma treatment method. Should use more than 1 method, which Alpha Medical Clinic has invented a comprehensive blemish removal program ‘Alpha Gold’ By merging 5 methods to treat blemishes together which is highly successful It can help reduce blemishes up to 95-100% in just 3 months, suitable for those who want to clear blemishes in a short time.

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