Delta Variant Covid, Contagious Like Chicken Pox

HARIANHALUAN.COM– The United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that every health worker is required to vaccinate against Covid-19 and reuse masks.

The CDC this time declared the war on Covid-19 has changed because of the emergence of varian Delta which is highly contagious.

An internal CDC document says varian Delta which was first detected in India is now dominant worldwide. The Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and much more contagious than the common cold or flu.

Covid-19 varian Delta it can be transmitted even by people who have been vaccinated and can cause more serious illness than previous types of coronavirus.

In the document entitled “Improving communication around vaccine breakthroughs and vaccine effectiveness”, it is stated that these variants require a new approach to help the public understand the dangers. This includes making it clear that people who are not vaccinated are more than 10 times more likely to become seriously ill or die than those who are vaccinated.

Recommended preventive measures include mandatory vaccination for health workers and the return to wearing masks.

The CDC confirmed the authenticity of the document, which was first reported by the Washington Post.

In people who have been vaccinated, they can pass it on to others.
“The virus high raises concerns that vaccinated people infected with Delta could transmit the virus,” CDC chief Rochelle Walensky said in a statement.

The CDC released data from a study of the outbreak in Massachusetts last Friday. In the study, three-quarters of those infected with Covid-19 were fully vaccinated.


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