Dell launches first mini LED monitor for professionals

Mini LED technology embraces the benefits of OLED, without the drawbacks of pixel burn-in. The Dell UltraSharp 32 HDR PremierColor Monitor (Dell UP3221Q for short) combines extremely high brightness with a color accurate image for professional use.

A mini LED monitor has lots of small LED zones that switch on and off separately for a pitch black result. The Dell UP3221Q has 2,000 backlight dimming zones spread over the 32 inch screen. With this, the perfect black of the OLED technology can also be realized up to a certain level.

Dell guarantees that the panel can handle 99.8 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut as well as 93 percent Adobe RGB. The panel can also display HDR content at a very bright 1000 nits (cd / m²), which makes it VESA HDR 1000 certified.

Includes monitor base

The Dell UP3221Q has a 4K IPS panel that is calibrated out of the box as standard. Creative professionals, however, can connect their external colorimeter via the USB-A port on the front of the screen for further perfecting if necessary. The monitor supports Picture-by-Picture so that you can connect two sources at the same time. Those who wish can even address two different color profiles, each source one, and that at the same time.

Mini LED technology is only in its infancy and costs a lot of money. The Dell UP3221Q costs $ 5,000, which is competitively priced compared to reference monitors that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. With this, it carries the same price tag as Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Only bonus at Dell: the monitor base is included in the box as standard.

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