Dell introduces the first 40-inch ultra-wide curved screen and a series of monitors designed for video


apart fromNew commercial laptopIn addition, Dell today also brought a number of new products to the field of monitors that it is good at. This includes its first 40-inch ultra-wide curved screen UltraSharp 40, a series of displays designed for video conversations, and two large-scale multi-person collaboration displays.

The first is the protagonist’s UltraSharp 40 curved WUHD display (U4021QW, above), with a resolution of 5,120 x 2,160, which is the same number of vertical pixels as a general 4K, but the horizontal width is stretched to a ratio of about 21:9.It can’t be compared to the diagonal length 49-inch 32:9 screen, But it should still be much higher in practicality. It can display a complete 4K screen and there is more space for additional windows or toolbars. U4021QW also has built-in dual 9W speakers, a series of Thunderbolt and USB upstream and downstream ports, and even an RJ-45 network port. Its USB particularly supports the automatic KVM function, which allows you to control two computers with PbP display screens with a set of keyboard and mouse. U4021QW is priced at US$2,100.

Dell C2722DE


Dell’s series of new products specially designed for video conversations are naturally aimed at the ethnic groups who will work from home in the near future and will even work at home in the future. This series comes in three sizes, namely the 24-inch C2422HE, the 27-inch C2722DE (above) and the 34-inch C3422WE. All three models have built-in exclusive Microsoft Teams buttons and a pop-up 5MP video lens (with infrared function). , So it supports Windows Hello), dual 5W speakers and noise-cancelling microphones, plus various connectivity such as USB-C and RJ-45. C2422HE is FHD resolution, C2722DE is QHD, and C3422WE is curved WQHD. The prices of the three are US$520, US$720 and US$1,150 respectively.

Dell 4K Interactive Touch Monitors


Finally, Dell has not forgotten the group that still has to go to the office to have a meeting, and has launched two multi-person collaboration screens based on a conference room environment. This screen is divided into two sizes of 55 and 65 inches. It supports “near delay-free” 20-point touch and palm-sensing functions. Currently these two screens have not been priced, but they are expected to be available at the end of the first quarter.


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