Delia’s Revelation – Big Brother VIP

In the afternoon, Delia, around the salon table, explicitly a Miriana, Manila e Jessica what the concept of free love means to you.

“It’s not that I’m free to have a relationship with another man without my man” the model, bringing to the attention of those present a concrete example, explains the difference between a common betrayal and the relationship she has decided to establish with Alex “For me, free love is this”.

“If you want to play this thing one night you can accept it” Miriana, in a few words, tries to summarize Delia’s speech, also asking her for explanations on the veracity of the stories that Alex reported to the VIPs about her “He used to say that she is not jealous”.

At this point, from the back of the table, Jessica, to get the whole situation a little clearer, explicitly asks Delia if she would accept. Soleil as the third woman between her and her husband, given the fact that Alex has already expressed her pleasant interest in the influencer.

“Not my type of woman” the model firmly admits that Soleil does not exactly reflect the canons of a woman she may like, excluding her possible involvement in their marital relationship.

Manila, like the other competitors, remains an off-limits moment for all the information she is learning in such a short time, tracing back to Delia who, although she may agree with their free love, reflects on the probability that such a game could turn out to be dangerous as the exclusivity of the relationship is, in some way, compromised “There must be harmony”.

What will Manila, Miriana and Jessica actually think of Delia’s revelation?

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