Delhi Air Pollution: Generators will not run in Delhi-NCR, know when will the ban be imposed?

Delhi Air Pollution: Generators will not run in Delhi-NCR, know when will the ban be imposed?

Jhajjar, Exactly 10 days from today i.e. from October 1, 2023, diesel generators will be closed in Delhi NCR. The Air Quality Management Commission had issued strict instructions in the month of June itself. This time the Graded Response Action Plan i.e. GRAP is starting from October 1. During the grape period, no diesel generator of any kind will be able to run in Delhi-NCR. Last year, only industrial generators were banned. At the same time, this time the emergency service may be hospital or railway or metro or bank. Electricity will not be supplied anywhere from diesel generators.

Pollution Control Department SDO Amit Dahiya said that it is not that the generators will not be able to run. He said that if the generator has to be run, it will have to be converted into dual fuel mode. For this, RECD kit will have to be installed and the generator can be run for 2 hours after power failure by converting 70 percent gas and 30 percent diesel.

Generators will not be able to run even in the hospital and as soon as this information was received, there was panic among the hospital operators in Bahadurgarh. Dr. Sanjay Singh, Director of Sanjay Hospital, says that if electricity goes off during operation, it becomes a compulsion for them to run the generator. Because saving a life is more important. Therefore, he has demanded from the government and the commission to exempt the hospital from this ban.

Praveen Garg, head of Confederation of Bahadurgarh Industries, an industry organization, has demanded from the government to ensure 24-hour power supply. He said that if the government is not able to provide electricity then they should be allowed to run generators during the power cut period. He said that gas pipeline has not yet reached all the industries and RECD kit is also very expensive. Due to which not all generators have been able to convert to dual fuel mode.

Reason for ban on increasing pollution in Delhi

Actually, all these restrictions have been imposed so that the air of Delhi NCR remains breathable. The grape period starts from the month of October. Because from this month the level of pollution in the air starts increasing and people start suffocating in the poisonous air. Therefore, this time the Air Quality Management Commission has made the restrictions even more stringent and has also issued guidelines to the concerned departments to implement them strictly.

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