Delay due to defective railway bridge at Gouda, possibly due to heat

A railway bridge at Gouda can no longer be closed, which means that there will be far fewer trains running between Utrecht and Rotterdam and Gouda Goverwelle and The Hague Central tonight. The situation is expected to last until 11 p.m., but that time can still change, says a spokesperson for ProRail.

This concerns a “persistent failure” at a triple railway bridge with five tracks, one of which does not close properly. As a result, two tracks are out of service. Mechanics look at what exactly is going on, a specialist has also been called in.

The disruption may have been caused by the heat of the past few days, but that is not certain, says the spokesman for ProRail. “With this extreme weather we see many technical failures, but whether that is the case remains to be seen.”

There are also problems elsewhere. Due to a defective overhead line, far fewer trains will run between Utrecht Central and Amersfoort Central until 2 a.m. There are also fewer intercity trains between Amersfoort Centraal and Apeldoorn.

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