#DeichFUMS Episode 29: Visions, relegation battle, transfers? What to expect from Werder Bremen in 2021! by #DeichFUMS | Dike FUMS

published on 2021-01-13T12: 01: 58Z

New year, new SV Werder Bremen? Visions, relegation battle, transfers – what can we expect from the green-whites around head coach Florian Kohfeldt in 2021? #DeichFUMS – the Werder-PodVodcast from Deichstube and FUMS-Magazin returns in episode 29 to the analysis, which is not always taken seriously: It’s in for Werder! In the podcast audio saw from DeichStube and FUMS-Magazin (also online as a YouTube show), Timo Strömer from DeichStube and Lars Kranenkamp from FUMS will of course be chatting about Werder Bremen again – or even past it! In the 29th episode of the Werder PodVodcast, the duo speaks about the inability to act of the green-whites on the transfer market, visions of coach Florian Kohfeldt and the question of whether Werder is on target or is in danger of slipping deeper into the relegation battle. In the 29th episode of the #DeichFUMS podcast, you can expect another show full of pick-packs with the topics that move Werder Bremen fans: How should Werder Bremen deal with the Yuya Osako personality? Is there already a coaching discussion? And where does Werder actually want to go? Is there anything else? #DeichFUMS has teamed up with the strategic partner Florian Wellmann Immobilien (https://www.florian-wellmann.de/), broadcasts from the rooftops of Bremen and also lets the community have a say: “Users ask losers!” Otherwise, we’ll be back Men’s place settings were handed out and all sorts of nonsense poured out: bad puns, stupid sayings, hardly any Werder expertise. Cheers and have fun with #DeichFUMS episode 29 – your favorite podcast / vodcast about SV Werder Bremen.


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