Defense of AA Gent is not heard: Ngadeu gets f …

Michael Ngadeu will be suspended for five weeks, four weeks of which are effective and one with a postponement imposed by the Disciplinary Committee for Professional Football. The AA Gent defender also receives a fine of 4,500 euros.

Ngadeu receives the heavy penalty for his red card from last match day in Eupen. In the East Cantons, the Cameroonian defender was ruled out in the 73rd minute after a riot with Eupen defender Jordi Amat just before a free kick. He pushed Amat, followed by more pushing and pulling, and a headbutt.

The National Prosecutor’s Office did not consider the fact that provocation may have taken place. Federal attorney Verhaegen even sees an aggravating element. After all, Ngadeu did not immediately leave the field after receiving the red card, but protested. Up to three times, the defender of the Buffalos went to get a story from the ref, according to the union attorney. And Ngadeu also entered into discussions with players from Eupen and Jordi Amat himself, according to Verhaegen.

AA Gent thought the proposed sentence was too severe and did not agree with it. The final sentence was determined in Wednesday morning’s disciplinary case before the Disciplinary Committee.


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