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Defense Minister Tanner for the rapid implementation of partial fitness

Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner (ÖVP) wants to implement the new partial suitability in the army very quickly. That is one of the first things to be implemented, said the minister in “ZIB2” Thursday evening. Over 30 percent of young men are currently unsuitable and unable to serve society, said Tanner. With the introduction of a new level of fitness “these men can also use their special skills in other areas”.

The minister said that the period of basic military service should be experienced as something meaningful: For example, knowledge of foreign languages ​​or IT or manual skills could be acquired. According to the government program, only young men with “physical or mental disabilities” should be exempt from basic military service.

Video: Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner on the tense situation in the Federal Army.

The minister responsible for community service Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) supports the rapid implementation of partial fitness, because the implementation of partial fitness is also an important measure from the perspective of civil service. In 2010 there were around 48,000 persons liable to submit jobs. In 2017 there were only 38,700, of which more than 7,000 were unsuitable. The pool of fit people is shrinking towards 30,000 a year, on average half of them have been doing community service in recent years.

“Every city and every village needs civil servants. That is very often the entry into voluntary work. It is important that there are enough civil servants available in the future. The political structure of the civil service has a direct impact on regional development. Civil service is regional service” , says Köstinger. Tanner has her full support in the rapid implementation of partial suitability. “This is an important measure, also for community service.”




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