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Thiruvananthapuram ∙ CPM state leadership will not immediately intervene in the allegation that witnesses including a CPM district committee member defected to the accused RSS in the case of attack on former CPI minister E. Chandrasekaran. CPM also does not believe that the CPI state leadership has increased the pressure to that extent.

The court acquitted 12 RSS-BJP activists who were accused in the attack during the jubilant demonstration after the victory of Kanhangat Chandrasekaran in the 2016 assembly elections.

It is alleged that the defection of the witnesses led to the release of the accused. CPI leader K. Prakash Babu also demanded that the CPM state leadership intervene in the problem.

Some CPM leaders are of the opinion that the police themselves may have recorded the statements of the CPM members by mentioning the names of some of the accused and they may have changed it later in the court as they were not sure about the accused. If there is anything else, the position is that it should be checked by Kasarkot itself.

The opposition has strongly come out with the allegation that the CPM members have defected to the RSS by abandoning the front leader. They will look to capitalize on the split in the LDF on this issue when the assembly session resumes today.

Chandrasekaran is a CPI legislative party leader and assistant secretary and represents the CPI in the LDF. There is a strong feeling in the CPI that the CPM has shown no courtesy in the case.

Chandrasekaran feels that the CPI district and state leadership did not take the testimony of the CPM members seriously and protested. There are those who accuse Chandrasekaran himself of not being serious enough about the case. A section of the Kasarakote CPM and CPI leadership is not on good terms with him.

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CPI state secretary Kanam Rajendran said that the party and the front will be examined, but the CPI does not see it as a matter for the LDF to discuss at the state level. The CPM also points to the split within the CPI itself.

K. Prakash Babu, who is leading the anti-Kanam faction, was the first to come forward for Kanam’s confidant Chandrasekharan and questioned the CPM. Kanath’s reaction showed the discomfort of Prakash Babu, a member of the National Executive Committee, interfering in Kerala. The CPI state executive committee meeting may discuss the issue on the 3rd.

English Summary : CPM state committee not to interfere soon in E Chandrasekharan attack case

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