Deepest swimming pool in the world opened in Poland

The swimming pool, called Deepspot near Warsaw, contains 8,000 cubic meters of water, or 8 million liters of water. By way of comparison: that’s twenty times an ordinary 25 meter pool.

Previous record was 42 meters

The record was held by a 42 meter deep bath in Italy. The swimming pool will probably not be able to enjoy this record for a long time, because in London, work is now being done on a swimming pool with a depth of 50 meters, which should open next year.

“There are no beautiful fish or coral reefs here, so it is not a substitute for the sea, but it is certainly a good place to train and learn to dive safely in open water,” said dive instructor Przemyslaw Kacprzak. The fire brigade and the army will also use the swimming pool.

Construction took two years. The costs for the swimming pool amount to 8.9 million euros.

Curious about the swimming pool? In this video you will be taken into the underwater world.

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