Decrease in the number of new cases, but with significantly fewer tests

The number of new cases of coronavirus decreased both as an absolute number and as a percentage on a daily basis. There are 623 new cases for August 14, down 424 on a daily basis, after 1,047 were infected on Friday. 13 761 tests (PCR and antigenic) were performed, ie. by 9218 less than the reported 22,979 days earlier. Thus, the percentage of positive samples decreases slightly – from 4.55 percent to 4.52%.

For the day there are 9207 antigen tests, 325 are positive, ie. 3.52% positive samples. For comparison, in the previous report there were 16,893 antigen tests, of which 602 were positive, ie. 3.56%. The PCR tests are 4554, with 298 positive ones, ie. 6.54 percent. On Friday, this type of tests were 6086, with 445 positive among them or 7.31%.

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The total confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria are already 432 962. 2,306,791 PCRs and 1,560,686 antigen tests were performed (a total of 3,867,477), and the average percentage of positive samples since the beginning of the pandemic is 11.19 percent – a decrease of 0.02%.

The number of active cases continues to increase and is now 14,645, which is an increase of 557 compared to the previous report. There is also an increase in hospitals, with the number of people there being 1490, which is 86 more. The number of patients placed in intensive care units is also increasing and decreasing and is now 131 – 7 more. 59 people have recovered and the total number is now 399,978. 7 people died with a diagnosis of COVID-19 – 4 less than the 11 victims reported yesterday. Thus, the total number of those who lost the battle with the virus in Bulgaria is already 18,339. A total of 13,552 medical personnel are among the official cases of coronavirus, ie. by 6 more. 18,548 are under quarantine – 1,249 more.

The single information portal also provides data on the doses of vaccines administered. They are a total of 2,152,638, which means that about 17% of the country’s population has already received at least one dose. People with completed immunization are 1,071,839 or 15.51 percent of the population, and they include 99,714 vaccines of “Jansen”, which is administered in only one dose. For the last 24 hours there are 3504 vaccines. 1323 are the first dose, 2181 are the second dose.

Most cases were found again in Sofia – 158, followed by Burgas with 84 and Plovdiv with 63. There is no district without new infected, and the least are in Vidin – 1.

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