Decorate your video calls with this ‘WandaVision’ background for Messenger | Series

Travel through the different settings of Wanda and Vision’s house before the series ends

All good things come to an end. After weeks of being a trend, next March 5 is the end of the season of


the first series of Marvel Studios and Disney +, but before it’s done, Messenger He presented us with a great background that you will want to use in your video calls.

Thinking that the pandemic still keeps us away from our loved ones and friends, this application has presented various filters, backgrounds and lighting to see ourselves as we want during the video call and on March 1 it presented one inspired by the popular series.

“Welcome to Westview! Travel through the decades with @WandaVision’s new 360-degree background ”, notes the app.

How to use the Wandavision background in my calls?

All you have to do is open the Messenger application on your mobile device, make sure you have the latest update. An icon of a camera appears at the top of the app and you click on ‘create’ to start a video call with several people, as it appears in the following video.

Two or more ‘screens’ will appear immediately, depending on how many people are connected, and when you click on the box where you appear, you will display several options for filters and funds, access the latter and one of the most recent funds is the one from WandaVision, select it and you will be able to see yourself inside Wanda and Vision’s house through different decades, as the furniture and background colors will change constantly.

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Have fun with this background and many more through Messenger Rooms, the platform that arrived in Mexico in May 2020 to make video calls with up to 50 people.

How long will the season finale of ‘WandaVision’ last?

According to the information of the user of

Reddit Plenty_Echidna_544,

who has previously advanced the duration of all the episodes of the series, revealed that the end of the season will be 50 minutes, making it the longest episode of the entire series.

Unfortunately there is no way to confirm this information, so for those who can no longer wait, remember that the episodes premiere on the streaming platform at 2 am every Friday, meanwhile the memes continue to circulate on social networks.


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