Declutter Your Phone: 6 Tips to Follow

Smartphones can assist you in many everyday tasks, but you must keep them organized. An overstuffed device will work slower, distract you with useless notifications, or even pose a security risk.

Decluttering your smartphone is effortless. Moreover, once you learn to organize your files and apps, you will save time every time you use them. On that note, here are six easy tips on how to keep your device tidy.

1.   Use Cloud Storage

Smartphones have a limited storage space that’s quickly filled with voicemails, videos, and pictures. Moreover, the high-definition format takes up more space, and you will promptly need more.

Instead of saving everything on your phone, subscribe to an online Cloud service. It’s an affordable and straightforward way to get more smartphone storage space and access it from whatever device you use.

There are also two additional benefits. Firstly, you will not lose your information if your device breaks down or is stolen. Secondly, professional Cloud service providers use the latest encryption algorithms to secure their servers. You can be sure your data is both safe and accessible at any time.

2.   Disable Unnecessary Notifications

Disabling notifications will significantly improve your psychological wellness. All apps want your attention. Some will notify you on the smallest occasions, and you will constantly look at your phone if you have dozens of them.

A UK-based study reveals that frequent notifications cause irritation and negatively affect attention span, so it’s best to reserve this function for the most important ones. Simultaneously, it’s best to disable most notifications during nighttime to safeguard your sleep.

3.   Delete Unused Apps

Nowadays, getting an app takes a few clicks. Sometimes you need apps just for a one-time special occasion but forget to delete them. They take up storage space, use RAM, issue unnecessary notifications, and pose a security risk to your device.

Be particularly mindful if you’re an Android user. Apple’s statistics show Androids “have an estimated 15 to 47 times more infections from malicious software than iPhone.” Even though iPhones are more secure, cybercriminals release new iOS malware every few months, so removing unused apps from this device is the best course of action.

Lastly, decluttering apps will improve your online privacy. Many apps secretly gather user data and use it for marketing or more nefarious reasons. Even if the app appears dormant, it might be gathering user data and selling it to third parties.

4.   Organize Apps Into Folders

After clearing out unused applications, organize them in dedicated folders. The best way to do it is by separating apps by their function. For example, have a folder for shopping, social media, games, fitness, streaming, etc.

Moreover, create a folder for frequently used apps. Don’t categorize it, but put the ones you use daily or every few days, so you don’t have to go through the whole list repeatedly. iPhone users can also assign emojis to folders to notice them faster.

5.   Use Music Streaming Services

Back in the day, MP3 players were widely popular. Some people still use their smartphones as MP3 players, but that’s no longer necessary. You can subscribe to Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music, Soundcloud, or other music streaming services.

MP3 files take a few megabytes of space, but the entire discography of your favorite band will quickly drain your storage space. Furthermore, smartphone music players aren’t as comfortable as dedicated apps, which often provide additional features like lyrics and music videos.

6.   Delete Old Downloads

Many smartphone models download files instead of viewing them online. For example, restaurant QR codes often download a PDF into a dedicated folder on your phone. Soon these files pile up and take up limited space, leaving you wondering why you can’t download other apps.

Take time to go through the download folder and delete everything you deem irrelevant. It will not only clean up your phone, but you will also find the downloads you need faster.


Decluttering your phone will not take more than a few hours, but you will significantly improve your smartphone experience. Your device will work faster, drain less battery, and have fewer security vulnerabilities. Most importantly, you will find crucial information faster and receive fewer useless notifications, saving you time and energy for other activities.

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