Decl’s mother attacked her grandson

As Irina Tolmatskaya noted, Antony should now slow down in harsh statements.

Decl. Photo:

The mother of the late rapper Decl, Irina Tolmatskaya, criticized Anthony’s grandson during a live broadcast on Instagram with her fans. According to her, he behaves incorrectly under the circumstances.

“I don’t like it when a boy starts his career with lies. I want to say: “Brake, guy!”

Irina Tolmatskaya

As Irina Tolmatskaya noted, Anthony’s grandfather Alexander Yakovlevich will give part of Decl’s inheritance to his grandson when he turns 18. Previously, he will not do this, since Antony may mismanage the money.

Irina herself pays the bills for the apartment in which Anthony lives with his mother, Yulia Kiseleva. At one time, the woman paid off all debts for housing and communal services, because her grandson refused to do this.

Earlier, Decl’s son said that all of his father’s inheritance should have gone to him, but was divided into three parts. One part went to him, and two to the rapper’s parents.

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