“Decline in Holding Tax Results in Decrease in Sudden Sales, Making it Challenging to Boost House Prices”


When the government announced that it would drastically reduce the public housing price this year, experts predicted that as the holding tax decreased, the number of urgent sales would decrease.

However, it was diagnosed that it would not be easy to increase house prices or recover trading volume to the usual level.

Reporter Lee Dong-woo covered the story.


Due to the effects of the real estate downturn, the official price of apartments and other apartments this year recorded a negative 18.61%, the largest drop ever.

As a result, the holding tax burden will be lower than the 2020 level.

The 84㎡ exclusive area of ​​Raemian Daechi Palace in Gangnam-gu, Seoul will reduce the holding tax by nearly half.

Areas like Banpo Xi in Seocho-gu will be reduced by 36%.

Experts predict that the burden of ownership tax will be greatly reduced, but the impact on the rise in house prices will be limited, but quick sales will decrease.

[박원갑 / KB국민은행 수석부동산전문위원 : 고금리에 집값 하락 기대심리가 여전해 집값 불안을 자극할 가능성은 낮고요, 다만 기존 주택 보유자의 입장에서 세 부담이 줄어드는 만큼 급히 팔려는 매물이 다소 줄어들 가능성은 있습니다.]

It also predicted that the impact on the recovery of housing transaction volume would be limited.

[김규정 / 한국투자증권 자산승계연구소장 : 주택가격이 소득이나 물가에 비해 여전히 높고 역전세난이나 경기침체, 글로벌 금융 불안 영향으로 주택 거래량이 평소 수준을 회복하기는 쉽지 않습니다. 당분간 조정이 이어질 전망입니다.]

It is also evaluated that it has lowered the barriers to entry into the market for actual demanders, such as homeless people who were reluctant to purchase due to the burden of ownership tax or single homeowners who are aiming for a transfer.

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In particular, it is expected that as the tax burden of high-priced housing is reduced, demand for transfers can be promoted, mainly in the so-called ‘smart one’ in the Gangnam area or in the upper-class areas of the metropolitan area.

[고종완 / 한국자산관리 연구원 원장 : 고가주택이 몰려있는 서울, 경기, 인천 지역 주택 시장을 중심으로 절세 효과와 구매 욕구가 커지면서 수도권의 아파트 매입 수요 증가 및 가격 하락 폭 둔화가 예상됩니다.]

In the midst of this, the sales price of apartments in Seoul has been reducing the decline for 6 consecutive weeks and the jeonse price for 9 consecutive weeks.

This is ytn Lee Dongwoo.

YTN Lee Dong-woo ([email protected])

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