Declared phantoms, but in fact cured by Assoc. Prof. Atanasov from “Pirogov” they defend him in protest


His patients are going to a civil protest in support of the head of the Clinic of Internal Medicine of “Pirogov” Assoc. Prof. Petar Atanasov today. The protest is due to an inspection by the health insurance fund against the associate professor for 900 suspicious hospitalizations for re-treatment after COVID.

“We invite all cured patients and their relatives to oppose the immoral and unproven attacks against this worthy doctor and his colleagues!” We are alive thanks to them – let’s not forget that! ”, Write the organizers of the protest – Diana Dimitrova and her husband Vladimir Dimitrov, who was treated by COVID with Assoc. Prof. Atanasov in March.

Other checked patients were called from the cash register to interrogate them, they told 24 Chasa.

The interrogations were


according to the people.

The verified suspicious diagnoses with which patients were admitted are two – for liver cirrhosis and chronic renal failure, announced in early June Deputy. the Minister of Health Prof. Dimitar Petrov. However, the case comes from the fact that the pathways themselves include other diseases that can be treated on them, and they are rightly reported in the documentation. However, by calling the patients, the cashiers directly asked them if they were being treated for cirrhosis, to which anyone without such a disease would automatically answer “no”.

Such is the situation with Petyo Tsintsarski, who fell ill with COVID on March 8 and entered Pirogov for 10 days, he said. A month after his discharge, however, the fatigue, the temperature, the problems with sleep and the stomach returned and he was again sought by the former doctor Atanasov, who took him again. She gives him an ECG, a scanner, blood tests and prescribes therapy, because after every treatment, especially COVID, the liver cannot be affected by all the drugs that are taken. In his epicrisis from the second admission to the hospital it is written that he was treated for acute or subacute liver failure.

Tsintsarski received a call from the box office last week.

The woman at the cash register asked me if I had been to Pirogov twice, to which I replied: “Yes. One time for COVID in March, ”and she finished,“ And the second time for cirrhosis, ”on which I

I answered

that is not true

Then he asked me: “So what is written correctly is reflected in the documentation,” the man said. He remarked to the employee that her question was misleading because the “normal person” would answer “no”.

The case of Ivaylo Petrov is similar. He was also treated twice in the hospital’s COVID ward. The first time with pneumonia, but negative PCR, and the second time – with a test-proven coronavirus. When they called him from the cash register, they asked him to confirm both his stays, but they also asked the question “Do you know that you have been treated for cirrhosis?”, Without specifying what the smoke was about, Petrov said.

Nearly 1,000 grateful patients have already signed a petition in support of Assoc. Prof. Petar Atanasov. Among the people who owe their lives to him is the actor Nikolai Ishkov.

“I guarantee that if it weren’t for this man’s efforts, I would hardly have survived,” he told 24 Chasa.

The cash register inspection continues. It is expected to end around August 10.



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