Decisive RKC treats poor FC Twente to second defeat

RKC even came to 2-0 after half an hour. After Kik Pierie lost the ball, Finn Stokkers, after another assist from John, could only go to the goal. He passed Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel with a hard but possibly sustainable shot.

Extremely poor

Twente coach Ron Jans will have spoken to his team in half-time, but poverty was trumps on the field. RKC voluntarily collapsed, barely gave anything away and came out dangerous itself a few times.

In the 84th minute there was the greatest chance for the Waalwijkers: a shot by substitute Lennerd Daneels was parried by Drommel, after which the Twente keeper made two more save on a double rebound by Richard van der Venne.

Watch an interview with RKC Waalwijk player Ola John, who played an important role in the victory over his old club FC Twente with two assists.

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