Deception Via Facebook Men in Tangerang, 7 Other Young Mothers Become Victims


The man from Tangerang, Muksin, was arrested by the police after tricking a young mother with the initials MA (36), a woman he knew through the social networking site Facebook. Not only the Supreme Court, the suspect Muksin also deceived 7 other young women.

“There are still seven other victims with almost the same mode,” said the Head of the Neglasari Police, Kompol Putra Pratama in his statement to detikcom, Thursday (23/6/2022).

The fraud committed by Muksin alias Agus Hermansyah against 7 other victims occurred in the Tangerang and West Jakarta areas with the following details:

1. In Kebon Besar, Tangerang with a loss of 1 Honda Supra Fit motorbike
2. Batu Ceper, Tangerang with a loss of 1 Honda Beat motorcycle
3. Binong, Tangerang with the loss of 1 unit of Beat motorcycles
4. Cipondoh Lake, Tangerang with the victim’s loss in the form of cellphones
5. Kalideres, West Jakarta with HP losses
6. Cengkareng, West Jakarta with HP losses
7. Swimming Pool of Perum Duta Garden, Benda District, Tangerang with the loss of one unit of Honda Beat motorcycle Nopol B-3672-CAB

Putra revealed that during 2 months of action, the perpetrator had actually committed a similar crime 10 times. However, he failed to deceive two victims.

“Almost all the victims were carried out in the same mode, namely by being approached through the Facebook application, followed by intense communication and then invited to have coffee,” he said.

The target perpetrators are young mothers. The perpetrator deceived the victims by getting acquainted and then inviting them to meet.

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“The targeted victims are young mothers whose Facebook status is single or their own profile picture,” said Putra.

Putra said that at this time his party was still looking for the victims and their reports to the police. The police also appealed to residents who had been victims of the perpetrators to report to the Neglasari Police.

It was previously reported that the perpetrator was arrested after being reported by the victim MA (36). The perpetrator was arrested on Wednesday (22/6) early in the morning in Kotabumi, Pasar Kemis, Tangerang Regency.

The perpetrator deceived MA by asking him to meet in Tangerang. The victim was then left behind and his motorbike was taken.

As a result of his actions, Muksin was charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code regarding fraud with a threat of 4 years in prison. Muksin is currently being held at the Neglasari Police.


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