Decapitated professor – New York Times incites anger in France after headline on “police shoot suspect” rather than murdered teacher

“French police shoot and kill man after fatal knife attack in the street.” The title given by the New York Times to its article concerning the assassination of professor de Conflans Sainte-Honorine by a terrorist, aroused the indignation of many Internet users. The turn of the headline of the American newspaper indeed suggests that the Islamist who beheaded the professor was the victim of the police. By omitting in passing the terrorist nature of the attack.

The reactions were not lacking following the publication of the article. “This is how the New York Times, an increasingly repulsive left-wing newspaper, framed the beheading of a professor in France,” describes an English politician.

“I don’t understand why they are doing this. It’s devilish. What is the interest? », Reacts an Internet user. “‘Fatal knife attack’ must be the sweetest way to talk about beheading,” said another.

In France, journalist Eugénie Bastié tweeted: “The art of denial in the American multiculturalist press”.

The American daily then – very slightly – modified its title, by integrating the term “decapitation”: “The French police kill a man who had just beheaded a professor in the street”. A lesser evil.

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