Debut single HOFFMAN – “Apophenia”

If the corona crisis quietly suits your throat and you want to rave out all the accumulated frustration, then you have arrived at the right basement address. HOFFMAN is the alter ego of Maurice Luijten, a nineteen-year-old from Antwerp who feels comfortable behind the buttons and almost turns us off by his intense industrial electronics. The Sound Track jury also agreed, because HOFFMAN became one of the winners of the first edition that took place late last year. Also on one of ours Hibernation sessions gave Maurice the coolest of himself and so it should come as no surprise that we were looking forward to that first official release.

With “Apophenia” the time has finally come, and there is also more news in one fell swoop. This track is the lead single from his debut EP. It is coming on September 18, but until then we are sweet with this six-minute party session. Dim the lights, grab a drink, apologize to the neighbors and let “Apophenia” do its trance-inducing work. The repetitive nature of the song soon makes us feel in that loved one zone to let us go completely, and at the same time Luijten makes sure that boredom is never an option. He is always on the go and ensures a fascinating collaboration of industrial electronics and techno. HOFFMAN makes one long energy splurge from his first track, as a musical geyser that has to burst out, and above all as a sign of a young artist that we will encounter a lot in the scene.

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