Debtors with credits from Module V-II will go to the credit bureau

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- Take down the delinquency and not allowing more debt is the strategy of the board of the Irrigation Module V-II of Angostura, with the application of new measures from the fortnight of this month.

Due to the fact that several administrations have been dragging debt due to non-payment of the water service, in the Irrigation Module V-II there are currently debts for approximately 6 million pesos. 2 million pesos have been recovered of the 8 that had been dragging.

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There are even debtors of a decade, lamented the president of the Module, Óscar Inzunza, so there will be firmer measures to recover the debt and not allow more defaulters at the end of the current administration. One of the measures that will apply will be from April 15.

Whoever does not pay will be sent to the credit bureau, it is the statement for new and old debtors.

Óscar Inzunza reported that the Credit Bureau system has been hired to recover the resource, and with the start of the new agricultural cycle in October, those who do not have cash to pay the fees will be given a letter of credit to pay for the resource. if not, the water service will not be provided.

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This action seeks to update the partners and producers so that they fulfill their responsibility.

In consultation with the president of the agricultural organization about the problem of yesteryear and that was mentioned in his second report presented recently, when pointing out the millionaire debt, he announced that there will be decisive actions so that the producer does not owe to invest it in works. “We do not want to inherit debts to the next administration,” he concluded.

When referring to healthy finances, he explained that the good management that has been had has allowed them to take advantage of the state government programs with the contribution of resources, which has enabled them to have sufficient funds to contribute the counterpart and have carried out several works in the two years at the helm.


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