Debris of An-26 Plane Found, All Passengers Feared Death


MOSCOW – Searching rescue team An-26 passenger plane that lost contact with air traffic control in the Far East Russia announced they had found evidence that the plane crashed . Even so, they feared that they would not find survivors.

“We found the wreckage of the plane,” the director of the Kamchatka Aviation Company operating the flight, Alexey Khrabrov, told TASS just hours after the Antonov-26 jet disappeared while over the Kamchatka Peninsula. Russia Today, Tuesday (6/7/2021).

He added that he could not say where and the state of the plane.

“Only tomorrow there will be more information,” he said, adding that rescue teams planned to use helicopters to access the location where the plane crashed.

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According to Khrabrov, the plane was flown by a good young crew with experience. In the cockpit, he said, was a fairly experienced commander – 35 years old.



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