Deborah, 44, has a rare disease and asks for a state flight to be treated in the US: “Life without risk”

Affected by a rare disease he asked the web and the state for help. Deborah Iori, 44 years old living in Sangiano in the province of Varese suffer from congenital zinc deficiency mitochondrial disease, other metabolic and metal transport defects, mitochondrial encephalopathy myopia, a rare treatable disease only at Enviromental Health Center of Dallas.

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The illness

Deborah every year goes to the US where she is given the therapy. Last year in March, in full pandemic, she managed to go to the hospital thanks to a special flight of the Air Force, now by January she must go back to Dallas for her treatment, she has made a request to the military body but has not yet received no response.

The request

The risk for the 44-year-old is very high, if she were to skip the therapies she would risk her life. «I wrote to Ats Insubria on November 27 attaching the medical documentation of the Immunology Department of the Polyclinic of Milan, the reference center for this disease, where I specified the need for a flight, the only way to reach Dallas and which can save my life. But no one has ever answered me “, the woman told Il Corriere della Sera,” Then a second pec was sent for information also to the top of the Lombard health system: I only had the generous help of the prefect, but I don’t know what it is at this point the office competent to make arrangements for a case like mine “.

The appeal

To fly Deborah needs special conditions: her medications must have proper refrigeration, she needs special oxygen therapy, so none of the commercial airlines can guarantee her the same service. The woman appealed to the Foreign, Defense and Health Ministers through the Luca Coscioni association who offered to help her. The request is to be able to have a state flight that can allow you to travel safely, also given the pandemic, and that can save your life.

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