Debate and Decision: Parliament Votes on Child Protection Law Amendments

Debate and Decision: Parliament Votes on Child Protection Law Amendments

Working day in Parliament. The people’s representatives are going to vote for the first time on the Draft Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Child Protection.

After gathering the quorum and the start of the meeting, Petya Stavreva from PPDB took the oath as a deputy. She takes the place of Petar Kulenski, who became the mayor of Pazardzhik.

ITN suspected Asen Vasilev of trying to bankrupt “Bulgartransgaz” so that the state company could be privatized through the introduced fee for the transit of Russian gas to Serbia, Hungary and Austria.

“Asene, where is the money?” asked Pavela Mitova at the end of her speech.

The action of Asen Vasilev and the fee-controlling Dragomir Stoynev from the BSP was defined as legal weakness and a huge scandal.

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His colleague Svilenski drew attention to the fact that this proposal was submitted by Boyko Borisov and therefore he owed the money of BGN 250 million to Bulgartransgaz.

During the debates, the deputies united around the thesis that the changes are important, because otherwise “Bulgartransgaz” will go bankrupt.

I would ask Asen Vassilev not to deal with energy because he does not understand, Ramadan Atalai recommended to the Minister of Finance. He stated that everything looked like this to him – Asen Vassilev woke up one morning and decided that with this fee, he could cover the deficit in the budget.

Otherwise, DPS and GERB said they would support the proposals for changes, while BSP said they would vote to abstain.

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In the end, the motion was carried, with a re-vote requested. And there were no surprises with him – he accepted. There was also a proposal to pass the changes on second reading today. And it was accepted.

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