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After a bizarre political week, the House of Representatives will talk about the continuation of the formation on Tuesday. D66 proposes to appoint Minister of State Herman Tjeenk Willink to an informateur to investigate the formation of a new cabinet.

Party leaders may give the informateur an assignment. If it were up to Rutte, the subject of ‘power and counterpower’ will become part of the discussions with the informateur. The liberal calls it ‘very useful and sensible’ if that were to be the red line.

According to the VVD leader, it should concern, among other things, the relations between the cabinet and the House, the question of whether a coalition agreement should be completely boarded up, but also the ins and outs surrounding the weekly coalition meeting. A little later it appears in the debate that this is exactly the wish of D66 leader Sigrid Kaag.

She would like the informateur to be ready within three weeks. If it were up to her, there will be a cabinet that is as progressive as possible with broad support in the Netherlands. “I’m starting from scratch,” she says. “I want to get away from talking about the personal and persons.” She therefore does not want to say much about a future role for Rutte. “It will take a lot,” Kaag warns.


If it is up to Geert Wilders, Tjeenk Willink will not get to work. According to the PVV leader, it is about citizens’ trust in the government that has been damaged. He sees the best solution in new elections.

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“A democrat is never afraid of new elections,” Rutte responds. He just doesn’t like going to the polls again so shortly after the elections. “My approach is to regain confidence step by step.”

Wilders thinks it is strange if Rutte stays on as VVD leader. “Then the voter at home sees that you can lie and cheat.” It is striking that Rutte does not consider a role for the VVD in the opposition unthinkable and says that he wants to lead the fraction in that situation. Attacks against Rutte are raining in the debate. Interestingly enough, GL leader Jesse Klaver does not participate. The documents made public show that he would love to join the next cabinet.

President of the Chamber

Kaag’s desire to gain more openness and transparency was immediately tested by Wilders. The PVV leader wants to know whether the D66 leader in the back rooms has made a deal with other parties to have Chamber president Arib succeeded by MP Vera Bergkamp (D66).

Kaag indicates that she announced in a ‘personal conversation’ with Rutte on Monday that her party is considering applying for Bergkamp. The D66 leader says she has made it clear that it must be a free choice for MPs. “I also want this process without any obligation or expectation.” Rutte comes to her aid: “It is correct from A to Z.”

Wilders, who himself advertises ‘his’ candidate, Member of Parliament Martin Bosma, does not trust it at all: “In a personal conversation? That stinks, you don’t do that in a personal conversation. That smacks of haggling. ” PvdA leader Lilianne Ploumen, the party of current parliamentary president Khadija Arib, also has her reservations. Observant photographers have captured a wink from Rutte towards Kaag during this scene.

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