Debate about corona tests: the price of the pandemic

Dhe life with the pandemic is exhausting because it is permanently overwhelming. Also because Corona has not one, but many speeds. Because how does the following fit together? The federal states will reopen schools after the summer holidays, with different rules, but with a hint of hope that learning will soon be normal again.

In some places, however, schools are closing again because of infections. The enterprise Curevac promises accelerated approval of a corona vaccine. In some places, however, corona test data are still noted in pencil.

Perhaps nothing stood for the feeling of supposed control of the virus as the flight to Spain, even Mallorca on vacation. And now this: Almost the entire country has been declared a risk area by the federal government and given a travel warning.

Hard blow for Spain

The decision is consistent and correct. Whether it’s your favorite island or not – the specified criteria must apply to every place in the world. The decision is another hard blow for Spain, whose country and people have already suffered a lot from the virus. Hoteliers are expressing the hope that the number of infections will soon go down again and that the season will be postponed. But nobody knows whether that will happen.

The pandemic is also so stressful because it is difficult to plan with it. It is becoming increasingly clear why some scientists are now not talking about a first or second corona wave, but about the permanent wave.

It is not forbidden to recover in pandemic times, on the contrary, it is urgently needed for many. But it must always be done with caution.

The discussion has now flared up again as to whether returnees from risk areas should pay for their corona test themselves. Anyone who does not find out on a holiday plane that they are traveling to a dangerous region, but rather does so with seeing and taking a risk, should also pay the price – what luck if it is only a few euros and no infection.


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