Death threats to writer Joan K. Rowling

Joan K. Rowling PHOTO: Reuters

British writer Joan K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter adventures, said she had received a number of death threats, she said, from transgender rights activists who accused her of transphobia, AFP reported.

She thanked the Scottish police for their support after three activists posted on Twitter a photo in front of her house, which clearly shows the address of the apartment. The Scottish police clarified to AFP that an investigation is underway.

The 56-year-old writer said that she, as well as other women who have taken a public stand on the transgender issue, have become the subject of “intimidation campaigns”, BTA reports.

In June last year, Rowling wrote an extensive essay on her own research and beliefs on transgender issues, including examples in which she said some of the demands of transgender people were a threat to women. It provoked violent reactions and sentiments against her.

“I refuse to submit to a movement that I believe is demonstratively damaging in its efforts to undermine the ‘woman’ as a political and biological class and offers cover for the perpetrators,” Rowling wrote in the essay.


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