Death of an Indian woman (19) after gang rape leads to anger and unrest

The victim comes from the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is known to be very unsafe for women. There, young girls and women are regularly kidnapped, sexually abused and killed.

Just last month, a 13-year-old Dali girl was raped and murdered by upper caste men. In December, a woman was set on fire by a group of men for seeking to file a rape charge in court.

Extra vulnerable

India has a bad reputation for women’s rights. A woman is raped every fifteen minutes, it is clear from figures from the Indian government. According to human rights organizations, including the United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, Dalit women are especially vulnerable because they are seen as inferior by other castes and are treated as such.

Although the caste system has been officially abolished since 1950 and caste-based discrimination is prohibited by law, the Hindu system still has a major impact in society. The caste in which a person is born in India determines his or her social status forever.


Well-known Indians, including Bollywood stars and sports idols, have on social media expressed outrage and called on the government to better protect women.

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