Dear Barca, maybe this is a requirement for Messi to stay happy


Lionel Messi It was widely speculated that he would leave Barcelona. So that in the future Messi remains at home at the Camp Nou, Luis Suarez exposes the factors.

Messi’s transfer saga is over after the summer heat. But the possibility of leaving Barca is not yet closed, considering that his contract will expire next year.

In this connection, Luis Suarez was outspoken to him ESPN regarding Messi’s situation at Barca. The two of them are known to be close friends, even though Suarez has now been released by the Blaugrana to Atletico Madrid.

“Messi wants to leave Barcelona not because of me. They should respect his wish to leave,” said Suarez.

“As a form of respect for the relationship that I have with Leo, I will not say what we discussed at that time. But he has been through a difficult and complicated situation. He wants to leave, but the club does not want to let him go. I tried to give him support, made him not arrive. too thoughtful. (Because) the camera keeps on focusing on him, it’s heavy, and I have to help him. “

“Leo knows very well what Barcelona means to him. The club has given him many great things beyond imagination. He must remain number one, the best, and feel happy,” said the Uruguay striker.

According to Luis Suarez, one that makes Lionel Messi not at home Barca is the internal atmosphere of the Spanish giants at the management level. That is why one of the conditions for La Pulga to remain at home there is the entry of new directors, including the replacement of president Josep Maria Bartomeu, who he said was unable to support Messi with the best squad.

“Maybe there is still a possibility Messi playing for another club, but if he feels comfortable and happy again, and new officials arrive, he will want to continue at the club. As a friend, I will be happy if he is successful there or if he goes to another club, “he said Luis Suarez.

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