Deadpool becomes Tony Montana in this brutal Bosslogic crossover

Wade Wilson drops by Miami to take a break from life as an antihero and dedicate himself a little to the old lucrative drug trade, becoming Tony Montana.

Deadpool is one of those marvel characters which has the quality of repeatedly and hilariously breaking the fourth wall. The film adaptations of Ryan ReynoldsIn addition to being funny, they emphasize this fact with moments of Wade Wilson speaking to the camera or making references to products from outside the imaginary marvelita. And we love it, of course. But there are places that the loudmouth mercenary hasn’t reached, yet. For that we have creative fans like Bosslogic.

The renowned artist has combined the hooligan and badass side of Deadpool with a classic from the cinema of gangsters and gangsters such as The Price of Power (Scarface) the great movie of Brian De Palma starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana.

Yes, all of you are remembering the mythical scene of the submachine gun along with the phrase “Say hello to my friend“That has traveled every corner of the world, although the film is much longer, friends. Watching Tony Montana plummet after reaching the top is one of the gifts of the cinema of the eighties.

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In this cool Deadpool crossover with The Price of Power, Wade Wilson He takes over from Tony Montana and becomes the master of the drug cartel. The entire empire of cocaine importation and distribution in the southern United States under the control of one guy you shoot and hesitate. Naturally, the presence of “a little” of drug in the composition could not be absent, including in the “nose” of Deadpool’s mask, who as a good businessman is the first to test his product to guarantee quality.

What do you think of this brutal Bosslogic fanart with Deadpool as Tony Montana?



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