‘Deadpool 3’ R-Rated and part of the MCU?

Now it is certain that Disney and Marvel Studios are a third Deadpoolfilm, we immediately hear some new details. The film is said to be just R-Rated, just like previous installments in the franchise.

That’s interesting news, because the film must become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Actor Ryan Reynolds would make the film in direct collaboration with Marvel boss Kevin Feige. And according to Deadline, it will be R-Rated. Until now, all the films in the franchise were, but the MCU is full of PG-13 films, in order to optimally sell a lot of toys.

New director
Looks like a new director is coming up Deadpool 3. The first in the franchise was directed by Tim Miller, divide two David Leitch. He could return, but his schedule is full in 2021.

We now also know that new screenwriters are coming. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will not be writing the film. That role is now for Wendy and Lizzy Molyneaux.

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