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“Deadly Shooting and Stabbing Incident in Nagano, Japan”


Three people died in the incident shooting and stabbing Of Japan central part, Nagano. The perpetrator is reportedly still hiding around the location.

Reported by the BBC, this incident occurred in the city of Nakano, Nagano prefecture, on Thursday (25/5/2023).

A man wearing camouflage or camouflage clothing is said to have stabbed a woman. Then, the man used a hunting rifle.

The man’s death toll was three. Apart from a woman, two policemen were also killed. Another person was reportedly injured.

Media in Japan said the perpetrator of the attack was hiding in the building. There has been no further news regarding the whereabouts of the man.

According to Kyodo, the police received a report at 16.25 local time regarding the attack. The police came, but two policemen were shot by the man

Events like this are rare in Japan. Although recently, this kind of attack actually caused the victim of an important figure, namely former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which occurred in July 2022.


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