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Deadline for online purchase of the digital vignette «kleinezeitung.at

In order for the digital vignette to be valid from February 1st, it must be purchased by January 14th. However, there are also immediately valid digital vignettes to buy!

11.44 a.m., 13 January 2020


At the January 31, 2020 the vignette year ends in 2019. This means: From February 1st, only the 2020 sticker in sky blue or the digital sticker will be valid. So that too Digital vignette with security applies from February 1st, ASFINAG recalls the cut-off date of January 14th: “Because you can only use the digital vignette on the 18th day after buying online, January 14th is a very important day for everyone who prefers to click rather than peck. Until then, anyone who buys the digital vignette in the web shop at asfinag.at or via the free app from ASFINAG will be sure to be able to use our motorways and expressways without any problems from February 1, 2020, ”explains ASFINAG managing director Ursula Zechner,

When purchasing the digital annual vignette via the web shop, the subscription service can be activated with just a few clicks. The validity of your annual vignette can thus be automatically extended. The advantages: Customers no longer miss any validity periods, have no additional work and receive the annual vignette automatically and on time every year. Of course, this subscription service also applies to annual tickets for the digital route toll, according to ASFINAG.

Immediately valid digital vignettes

Immediately valid digital vignettes there are at the ASFINAG vignette vending machines, The digital vignettes are also immediately valid Sales partners such as the ÖAMTC, ARBÖ, tobacco shops and some petrol stations be acquired.


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