Dead Space remake pre-orders are open

For purchase in Russia, of course, the game is not available.

Studio EA Motove, together with publisher Electronic Arts, has not limited itself to publishing the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming Dead Space remake, but has also opened the possibility of pre-order. Although there is still a long time before the game is released.

Two editions are available for pre-order: Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition

The Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game and five exclusive skins (three unique spacesuits and two spacesuit textures). After all, the meat grinder aboard the USG Ishimura is no reason to wear anything.

Additionally, several new screenshots have been spotted on the game’s Steam page.

The updated version of Dead Space offers a broader look at the family history of an ordinary engineer, Isaac Clarke, who, coincidentally, was trapped on a huge starship, infested with Necromorphs.

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