Dead Mario Zanni, famous for the Bar Mario of Ligabue


Farewell to Mario Zanni, the manager of the “Bar Mario” of San Martino in Rio, a town near Correggio (Reggio Emilia) immortalized by Luciano Ligabue in two songs, “Bar Mario” of 1988, one of the first successes of the Emilian singer-songwriter, and «Certain nights» («See you at Mario, sooner or later») from 1995. He was 80 years old. The funeral chamber was set up at the Rossi funeral home, in via don Borghi in San Martino in Rio, from where on Saturday 11 July, at 3 pm, the funeral procession will start for the funeral that will be celebrated in the parish church of the town; after the religious rite the coffin will be cremated.

In the years of the great success of Ligabue’s song, Zanni’s bar it was the destination of many rocker fans. The singer’s official fan club, barMario, is named after the title of this song. And even today, despite the change of management, many admirers of the Liga make a stop in the restaurant in via Forche. At the beginning of his career, the singer-songwriter of Correggio, writes “Il Resto del Carlino”, knew “Bar Mario” because it was a fixed stop for his band, Orazero, after rehearsals in a nearby former stable in Lemizzone. It was late between fried dumplings and drinks. And the stories of passing by that bar had become the theme of the song “Bar Mario”: “Mario gives a swipe to the bar counter … Mario spits and pulls out the accounts of the bar … Mario sends everyone to bed and then he closes the bar ». Mario also ended up in Ligabue’s first film, «Radiofreccia» (1998): that bartender who made the football team and philosophized from the counter, in the film with the name of Adolfo, had the face and voice of Francesco Guccini .

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