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Dead bodies in India, parking lots become cremations

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Wave the COVID-19 tsunami in India getting worse. The addition of daily cases continues to set consecutive world records, with the latest data recording 346,786 new COVID-19 patients on Saturday (24/4/2021).

The death toll could reach 2,624 people a day. It is predicted that in the capital city of Delhi alone one person can die from COVID-19 every five minutes.

There are so many bodies lying around in India that burial and cremation services are overwhelmed.

A Delhi resident, Nitish Kumar, said it was difficult to find a cremation place for his mother who had died from COVID-19. He was forced to let it go corpse the mother for two days at home.

Until finally Kumar found a makeshift mass cremation site in the parking lot. There the crowd burned the bodies with piles of wood.

“I ran to find pillars, but every crematorium came from … one of them said it ran out of wood,” Kumar said as quoted by the ABC.

Jitender Singh Shunty of the medical nonprofit Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal said on that day 60 bodies were burned in the field. Starting from newly married couples, children 15 years old, and even toddlers burned the bodies.

“No one in Delhi has seen this,” Singh commented with tears in his eyes.

“Five years, 15 years, 25 years all cremated. There are also newly married couples. It is very difficult to see, “he concluded.

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