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These have been turbulent days and weeks for AA Gent. For a long time it remained silent on the part of the board and that caused increasing questions and frustration among the fans. But in our podcast De Tribune, chairman Ivan De Witte did not shy away from any theme.

“I have the keys to say yes or no”

The resignation of Jess Thorup after two days of the competition turned out to be the seed of many more problems at AA Gent. Ivan De Witte admits that he has not properly assessed the situation.

“Jess Thorup has a lot of credit at AA Gent, but there was one thing we saw as a problem as a board and that was that the defensive organization could be better. You have to understand that we thought we could take a step forward when we Ghent’s game could add defensive organization, “says De Witte.

“That is the reason that Wim De Decker was hired (initially as an assistant). In the preparation and the beginning of the competition, however, we kept losing. I admit that there probably arose some concern at the time. even said panic, but I thought that was something about it. ”

“I have not properly assessed the impact of Thorup’s dismissal. Whether I would nullify the dismissal if I could? Probably yes. I think we reacted a little too quickly. I’m only human. losses, I didn’t expect that. “

“I have to give myself the responsibility there, because I have the key to say yes or no. Even if the wind comes from a different angle or the entire organization. If I say yes, then I have to bear the responsibility. hereby publicly admitted. “

“Thorup also went to Copenhagen as a trainer of Ghent”

Jess Thorup was fished by Genk a month after his dismissal in Ghent, but is now already near Copenhagen. In retrospect, the Dane’s stay at Ghent might have lasted only a month longer.

“I think to be honest, the opportunity Jess got at Copenhagen was so unique that I kind of understand that he took it.”

“The way he left could be better, but in the course of his life it was an understandable choice. I even think he would have made that choice even if he had been at Ghent.”

“I personally had some doubts about De Decker”

After Jess Thorup came Laszlo Bölöni, but he was soon thanked and succeeded by his assistant Wim De Decker. Ivan De Witte said a few weeks ago that De Decker would certainly get his chance until January. Since the European match against Slovan Liberec, we know that is not true.

“That was the intention, but when I said that, I might not have properly calculated that there were still so many matches in that short period. We finally said that it would be better – also for Wim himself – to get there. to draw a line. ”

Left and right it was whispered that Ivan De Witte never fully believed in the qualities of Wim De Decker as head coach, but that after the second dismissal in a short time, he was the logical solution.

When I said that De Decker would definitely get his chance until January, I may not have properly calculated that there were so many games in that short period.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to Wim De Decker. He deserves respect”, says De Witte. “He has been an assistant trainer and head trainer in the second division. He has been extensively screened with us and we have appointed him on the instructions of people on our staff.”

“I have to be honest about myself – there were some doubts. But also enough reason to give him chances. But the bad results kept coming and we also had setbacks.”

“I want to add a nuance to the fact that the players have also expressed a negative opinion about De Decker. That a board speaks with its players seems a good sign to me. And players who blame themselves …”

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