De Sutter: ‘Verlinden was recalled after the sentence on Doel 3’ (Brussels)

“A few days after the suspension of activities, we were shocked to ask the Fanc if an extension would still be possible.” That’s what Groen’s Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter (green) said on Sunday. on the seventh day.

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) asked the Fanc last week if the Doel 3 nuclear reactor would be dismantled. it can be safely postponed. This would allow the exchange to be restarted at a later time.

The minister said in to the point that the nuclear supervisory body had responded positively. This was later denied by the Bank.

“The government had already asked this summer if Doel 3 could continue to operate this winter as well,” said fellow minister Petra De Sutter (Green). on the seventh day. “Even then the answer came that it could not be done”.

The appearance of Minister Verlinden on television “was not on behalf of the government,” according to De Sutter. ‘We were all amazed by this. He may have communicated a little too quickly and then responded with a whistle. I hope the lesson is clear that such a thing shouldn’t happen. ‘

“Distort reality.”

CD&V chairman Sammy Mahdi reacted on Sunday afternoon: “Making the Greens look like we want a quick extension a week before Doel 3 closes, but this is simply distorting reality.”

«Minister Verlinden has only given the order to investigate whether the preparatory work for the dismantling of the nuclear reactor can be safely postponed so as not to cause irreversible damage. This follows the example of neighboring Germany, where the German government has decided to keep two large nuclear power plants on standby until spring next year ”.

‘Don’t explore this track, and just about and struggles proceeding with the dismantling of Doel 3 would be completely irresponsible these days’, concluded Minister CD&V. ‘CD&V wants the light to continue to burn in our country: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and in 2040.’

Limit price

De Sutter said it still believes in a European price cap on all gas imports. ‘The European Commission now needs time to resolve it. Our staff will assist the Commission in this. This should be reconfirmed by the Member States by the end of the month. So we assume that it will work, that the prices will go down. ‘

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