De Laurentiis’ search for Napoli’s new coach: Updates on Thiago Motta, Vincenzo Italian, and Nagelsmann

Thiago Motta has rejected De Laurentiis’ proposal, according to what filters from Naples. Or rather: he chose to bet on Bologna and therefore he personally took steps to eliminate his name from the list relating to the blue bench. The president met Thiago in Rome, chatted, recorded and then continued what at this stage can still be defined as a tour of reconnaissance. Also not definitive, waiting for that Vincenzo Italiancertainly an authoritative candidate considering DeLa’s esteem, concludes his prestigious and delicate commitments with Fiorentina: the Conference final in Prague is scheduled for Wednesday and then we’ll see.
In the meantime, however, windows and doors continue to be opened and closed: after Luis Enrique, even the Sergio Conceiçao’s quotations are in sharp decline. Let’s say that the Portuguese coach, not exactly a convinced director of the coveted 4-3-3, one of the fundamental parameters of the search, can now be considered out of the list. Him like Lucho, but not like Julian. Nagelsmann: De Laurentiis spoke again with Germancalled him, but Bayern’s assessment to release him from the contract until 2026 is still high (about ten million).