Ddos attack on Scarlet causes internet problems

The internet problems at telecom operator Scarlet are not overcome after all. Tuesday afternoon there have been problems again since 5.20 pm.

Scarlet, the low-cost brand of Proximus, had connectivity problems on Tuesday afternoon, as a result of which customers of the telecom operator did not have a connection to the fixed internet. The problem was resolved around 4 pm. Afterwards, the traffic gradually recovered.

But similar problems have been re-emerging since 5:20 PM. Some of the customers have slow or no internet at all. The Scarlet website and call center were also affected. “We are doing everything we can to restore the normal situation as quickly as possible,” says Proximus spokesperson Fabrice Gansbeke.

The problem is a distributed denial of service (Ddos) attack, in which websites or servers are bombarded with useless requests until they block.

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