DB / Coronavirus: Emergency plan initiated – significant rail restrictions in train traffic

The corona virus now also affects the web. DB boss Richard Lutz has quarantined at home.

Update from March 24, 2020, 11:51 a.m .: The Corona virus now also affects the top management of the German train massive: As became known on Tuesday, the Chief of the Deutsche Bahn, Richard Lutz, as a precaution in domestic quarantine issue. In its direct professional environment be “one Person tested positive for Covid-19The railroad announced in Berlin on Tuesday. Therefore, the balance sheet press conference planned for next Thursday was canceled. Instead, the public should be informed in writing about the important key figures of the balance sheet for 2019, it said.

Meanwhile, there is terrifying news from France: Alsace is considered the corona epicenter in France. Terrible conditions are evident in the hospitals. Now the Bundeswehr should help.

Corona crisis: Deutsche Bahn almost completely ceases international long-distance traffic

Update from March 21, 3:46 p.m .: The international long-distance rail network has connections to and from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark as well as a number of night trains.

The situation in regional transport is different – for example in Bavaria: “Our goal is to maintain train traffic with as few restrictions as possible. This is currently working extremely well, ”emphasized Bayerns Minister of Transport Kerstin Schreyer (CSU). Members of systemically relevant professions should continue to get to work well. For everyone else: Travel as little as possible. Plans for a reduced offer were in the drawer.

Also read: The corona virus almost makes Munich a ghost town. MVG passengers are also becoming fewer and fewer. Public transport still increases its journeys. This is supposed to Safety distance be better guaranteed.

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Update from March 16, 9:42 a.m .: Deutsche Bahn has now started to limit rail traffic and train connections due to the spread of the corona virus. We have summarized the most important changes:

Generally, the Deutsche Bahn point out that due to border controls delays in cross-border rail traffic to neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark can come. in the international Rail transport The following routes are affected by restrictions and failures:

In the direction Italy, Austria and Switzerland fall following trains completely:

  • EC trains Munich – Kufstein – Innsbruck – Verona
  • ECE trains Frankfurt – Basel – Milan
  • EC trains Munich – Lindau – Zurich (- Basel)
  • IC buses Munich – Zurich
  • IC trains Stuttgart – Singen – Schaffhausen – Zurich fallbetween Singen and Zurich

In the direction Czech Republic the following trains are canceled:

  • IC buses Frankfurt (M) / Mannheim – Prague
  • IC buses Leipzig – Prague
  • EC trains (Kiel -) Hamburg – Berlin – Dresden – Prague (- Budapest) fall between Germany and Děčín hl. n. (Czech Republic) from

In the direction Denmark complete failures occur with:

  • IC trains Hamburg – Padborg – Kobenhavn H
  • IC trains HamburgFlensburgAarhus

In the direction Poland the following train route is canceled:

  • EC trainsBerlin – Frankfurt (Oder) – Warszawa Centralna

In addition, the following are Night trains affected and drop out:

  • ÖBB Nightjet trains Berlin – Zurich
  • ÖBB Nightjet trains Berlin – Vienna
  • ÖBB Nightjet trainsHamburg – Zurich
  • ÖBB Nightjet trains Munich – Rosenheim – Salzburg – Villach – Venice / Milan / Rome kick off and end up in Villach central station (Austria)

The train and bus traffic to Tyrol and Czech Republic from Bavaria was discontinued until further notice. This affects the routes:

  • Kempten – Reutte in Tyrol: Trains from the direction of Kempten Hbf and towards Reutte in Tirol end up in Pfronten-Steinach
  • Munich – Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Mittenwald: Trains in the direction of Seefeld in Tirol / Innsbruck Hbf end up in Mittenwald
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen – Reutte in Tirol: Trains from Garmisch-Partenkirchen and towards Reutte in Tirol end up in Griesen
  • Nuremberg – Bayreuth – Hof / – Marktredwitz – Hof / Cheb: Trains kick off and end up in Schirnding
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No limitations in the Regional transport is currently available in:

  • Berlin
  • Brandenburg
  • Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

For more information, see bahn.de.

Corona crisis: Deutsche Bahn waives ticket control

Update from March 15, 4:52 p.m.: Deutsche Bahn is responding to the small number of passengers as a result of the corona crisis, reports the news agency dpa. The number of trains will be gradually adapted to the falling demand, said a spokeswoman for the Deutsche Bahn on Sunday in Berlin. Previously, the mirror reported about it.

The railway explained that the offer should not be reduced on its own initiative. The company was approached by individual executives to deal with possible supply restrictions.
It was initially unclear whether and to what extent trains would be canceled. According to the Deutsche Bahn, however, the aim is to ensure stable supply and to maintain mobility in Germany.

Until further notice, the train attendants no longer check the tickets on the regional trains. This is done to protect passengers and employees, said the railway spokeswoman. The conductors continue to ride on the trains.

Corona virus in Germany: Deutsche Bahn extends goodwill regulations

The goodwill regulations will continue to apply in the coming weeks dpa. It is according to the German train no need to report immediately.

For all tickets purchased up to March 13 with travel dates between March 13 and April 30, passengers could postpone their journey and use the ticket flexibly for the booked route until June 30. For the discounted saver prices and super saver prices, the train is canceled.

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According to Deutsche Bahn, it is also possible to convert it into travel vouchers: tickets purchased until March 13 for trips up to April 30 can be converted into a travel voucher free of charge. This also applies to saver prices and super saver prices. Requests for conversion into a travel voucher could also be sent after the booked day of travel.

Corona virus and Deutsche Bahn: emergency plan initiated? Restrictions expected for travelers

First registration from March 15th

Berlin – The Corona virus now seems to have an impact on many rail customers. Like now mirror reported, the German train already from Tuesday or Wednesday in Regional transport their Timetable on one Emergency plan change. Ticket controls should therefore be omitted in the meantime.

Corona virus and Deutsche Bahn: Restrictions expected for travelers

As the sheet reports, there should be several Federal states are currently working on a DB Regio train schedule. Accordingly, Sunday timetables should serve as a model. The reason for the timetable change is that many Railway employees work for the care of their children and the closure of schools and Kindergartens could not show up for work.

The number of infected people in Germany continues to rise. The death toll is also increasing. Now there is a second fatality in Bavaria.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Michael Kappeler

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